You may have found that when inserting images into a blog post or a page, that the images do not show at the size that you would like them too.

The good news is, changing the size of images in WordPress is in fact very easy. WordPress works with 3 default image sizes – you may have more, but these were created by your theme – called « thumbnail », « medium », and « large », which translate to actual pixel dimensions to display your images in the web browser.

To change the image sizes:

  1. Login to the WordPress Admin (aka wp-admin)
  2. Go to « Settings », « Media »
  3. On this page, change the dimensions that you don’t want for the dimensions that you do want
  4. When you are happy, press « Save Changes »

The good news is, in future any new images that you upload will adhere to these new dimensions. The bad news is however, any existing images will not be updated to reflect these new image sizes.

If you want all images (new and old) to be updated to these new image sizes, then you need to install a plugin to do this job for you. The plugin I use is Regenerate Thumbnails by Alex Mills:

  1. Install the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin for WordPress
  2. Go to « Tools », « Regenerate Thumbnails »
  3. If you wish to just update all images, then press « Regenerate Thumbnails For All [number] Attachments »
  4. If you wish to update just images that are attached to pages or posts (i.e. featured images), then press « Regenerate Thumbnails For The [number] Featured Images Only »
  5. The plugin will then show you the progress as it updates all your images

Your done!

Go-ahead and insert an image into a post or page and you will find it will be at the new size.

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